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Mar 28, 2019 10:00:09

The need for curation

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Brandon Wilson

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Technology, machine learning, and algorithms have all made curation much more readily available.

Netflix: Based on shows you like, you might like to watch these shows.

Apple Music: Based on your listening habits, here are some artists you might like.

Amazon: Those who bought this item also bought these items. 

Amazon Prime/Apple TV Movies: Based on your viewing history, here are some recommended movies.

YouTube: The list of videos on the right similar to the one you are watching.

Without question, content is covered in terms of curation. But what about other products or services? Where are the trusted curators to steer you in the right direction for other products or services?

How can you trust reviews that you read online? There are plenty of stories about fake Amazon reviews. How do you know whether someone legitimately used a product or service and is offering honest feedback or if that person is just paid to sell something? Maybe it's a positive review, and the product or service works for that person but may not work for you. Maybe it's a negative review, and that person's bitter experience has nothing to do with the actual product or service.

My favorite reviews are those that consider the same product offered from multiple manufacturers with pros and cons for all the versions with advice based on your particular situation. The website Wirecutter is a good example.

There are organizations like Consumer Reports that seem to be independent in offering objective reviews. But there are plenty of products and services that Consumer Reports does not cover.

I have been researching strategies for affiliate marketing, and one of them appears to be writing reviews for digital products that have not been released. It appears the reviews can be written without even using the products. I was immediately turned off by this strategy. If I write a review of something, I am putting my name and reputation behind that review. I'm doing it to help people not make a quick buck.

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