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Jul 08, 2019 22:01:52

The Need For Human Curation

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Valentino Urbano

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We absorb more information in a day that some people ages ago did in their whole life and the rate is just accelerating. Is there a physical limit that the human brain will stop cause it's too much at once will we ever reach it?

Curation is more important than ever and it will keep increasing in importance in the future. The rate of new videos uploaded to youtube, new games on steam and new songs on soundcloud and new articles on the web is skyrocketing. Without curation, we are going to just get lost in this ocean of content.

The most popular way of solving the problem is via an algorithm, it's always active, tailored to you and it doesn't cost nearly as much as a person (or multiple people) doing the same job.

I would rather have a human curating it and maybe pay for it instead of being free, but by an algorithm. We've already seen what we are going to get with it from Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and more.

I predict that the need for Honest Human Curated Content is going to keep increasing with time.

We all need to be aware and start to vote with our attention. You can start by deleting your Facebook account, for example. I've done it 5 years ago.

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    @valentino I think you're absolutely right. There is plenty of controversy around algorithmic content curation that people may be willing to pay for 'concierge curation services'. Actually...I think I might be good at that ;)

    Gabriel Greco avatar Gabriel Greco | Jul 09, 2019 10:12:54
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    @valentino I completely agree on the need for human curation. Current algorithms are based on so few factors they either put you in a bubble of what you already like or what everyone likes. Human curators can point you to things you would never have imagined you'd be interested in.

    Keenen Charles avatar Keenen Charles | Jul 08, 2019 23:34:08
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