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Jan 14, 2019 03:36:17

The optimized way to poop

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Would you believe if I tell you there's an optimized way to poop?

Going to the toilet is something we (should) do every day, yet we don't really give it much thought, we just do it.

Well thankfully someone's curious enough and gave it a second thought.

Dov Sikirov, an Israeli doctor, ran an experiment where he asked 28 test subjects to do their daily business in 3 positions: 

- Sitting normally on a toilet

- Half sitting, half squatting

- Squatting with no seat beneath them

He recorded the time they took in each position and asked them to assess the straining of bowel movements in each position.

There is a clear winner.

In a squatting position, the volunteers took the shortest time and reported the most satisfactory bowel emptying.

What's the reason for this?

Our gut is designed in such a way that it cannot open the hatch completely when we are seated.

There's a muscle that hangs onto our gut, like a rope, and pulls it while we are seating or standing.

Here's an image for illustration, sourced from Gut by Julia Enders

When this muscle pulls our gut it creates a kink, preventing a straight, smooth boewel movement.

Have you found yourself ever holding a garden hose and the water comes out slowly?

Somewhere along the hose there's a bend that prevents the water from flowing smoothly.

This is the same with our gut when we're seating in a toilet.

When we squat however, our gut creates a nice, straight intestinal tract, allowing feces to exit easily

Not everyone has a squatting toilet however, most if not all the toilets at home come with a toilet seat. 

So how do we incorporate what we learn today despite that fact?

You put a small stool in front of you and sit up when you do your business.

Image for illustration.

Raising your leg slightly creates the straight intestinal tract just like squatting would do.

And there you have it! Another way to optimize your life and save some precious time.

This post was inspired by the book Gut by Julia Enders, if you're interested do check the book yourself.

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    @davidnge omg!!! how i might have missed this one?!?!?!?!
    It's so cool that yo share it <3
    I should have a notification alert on a "poop" word, such a cute word...
    So I jump into reading

    Lucjah avatar Lucjah | Mar 09, 2019 15:07:46
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      @lucjah yes it's something unexpected for me as well lol

      David nge avatar David nge | Mar 10, 2019 02:32:22
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