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Feb 01, 2019 21:14:13

The Patience Equation

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Besides silver bullets, another thing in constant demand is affirmed mediocrity.

Both items were selling fast recently around New Years. People were either buying the silver bullet notion of changing their lives with resolutions while many others were scoffing at those suckers for buying snake oil. Instead the latter claimed that they were going to continue life as it had been.

I think both are wrong. 

Unless you’ve already figured things out and are almost very happy and successful, then silver bullets and affirmed mediocrity are both tickets to despair.

Why do people swing between one or the other? This is simply a symptom of our inability to perceive time accurately. In this case, our blindness causes us to view the idea of patience from a tragic perspective.

People like Gary Vee always preach the importance of patience. During my darkest days, this was the message that picked me up, because I was able to nod my head and go, ‘yeah, I’m headed to greatness! I just need to keep deploying patience!' The only problem here is that Gary is not saying be patient living mediocre--like I was and still am--, he’s saying you need to get executing, and continue doing so, patiently for a long time instead of giving up when the rewards don't arrive immediately.

Patience implies one is already taking action. 

To remain lazy predicated on a false perception of patience is stupid. The time component of the patience equation works only when you multiply that time with effort and focus. If the latter values = 0 or are close to it, then all the time in the world won't matter! Thinking that simply extending time will cause your dream life to nest itself into the current you is stupid. 

Patience = Time * Focus * Effort 

It’s not about New Years Resolutions changing your life. And you're not smart just because you realized this if you use that as ammo to continue being as you are. It’s about having that new year’s resolutions level of determination, but continuously. 

So if your February 1st ( today ) doesn’t feel as determined and hopeful as new year’s. If February feels less like the new year, then please consider pondering the patience equation more.

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