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Jan 13, 2019 15:27:02

The Problem With Sentimentality.

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Tracy Farnsworth

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I'm in the middle of a house remodel, right now it's the kitchen. Decades of kitchen pots, pans and gadgets stuffed into bulging containers.

I had a healthy collection on my own but even more so after my parent's passing.  My mom taught me to cook when I was barely counter height myself and the kitchen has always been the most used room in my house.

I know I need to purge some worn out, warped and worse for wear items.  It should be easy.  Do I use it? Have I used it in a year? 

I look at a crackled mixing bowl in pale pink that has seen better days but I refuse to part with it.  My mom and I made our first brownies with that bowl.  Or how about the pickle picker that has bent tongs and no longer picks effectively.  Can't possibly toss that! I bought that with mom on my last vacation with them in Myrtle Beach.

There is nothing wrong about being sentimental.  Not as long as I know that my memories will remain with me with or without that material object.  

I will not fear forgotten memories of a wonderful past with my mom in the kitchen. They do not exist entirely within a pot, or a pan or a pickle picker. They exist in every brownie I make and every recipe I create.  

With all that said, the ceramic french rooster that was my mom's and gifted to me before she died will forever watch over my stove as it did hers.  That is one sentimental item that will keep the memories alive for yet another generation.

Until tomorrow.

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