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Feb 26, 2019 15:53:34

The Prose Always Comes before Code

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In an earlier post I wrote how I used to write in the evenings, just before the Zurich Timezone Deadline (6 PM). 

I've since moved my writing to the mornings. And after my daily pillars, writing is the first thing I do. Even before work.

This was a strategic decision made based on what Charlie Munger (Warren Buffett's business partner) used to do with his time. He said that he made himself the most important client. As in, he sold the most productive time ( I think an hour a day) and energy to himself before working for anybody else.

Sometimes the worker-me gets so immersed into a project that he begins convincing the CEO-me that, yes this is exactly what you want to do for the rest of your life. And this will cause a strategic shift, a shift that will neglect my writing ambitions. 

In hectic states, it's easy to be driven by what the worker-me wants. But in my most clearheaded states, I am able to tap deeply into what the CEO-me wants. And that has always been since around 2012 to be a great storyteller, to make a living off of storytelling. 

And so I decided to apply Charlie Munger's strategy. I now work on my writing before anything else. Although the code pays the bills, the prose always comes before it, so that the prose may one day be the one that pays.

At first, I started writing my 200WAD first thing in the morning and then my fiction. And this happened for about like ten days? Until I had another visit with CEO-me, and we decided that although non-fiction is enjoyable to write, we shouldn't be working on that with our most productive energy. So we've since shifted to writing fiction first. And then this comes after.

So that's why I write first thing in the morning now. Of course after doing my daily pillars.

What do you spend your most productive time/energy on?

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