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Mar 08, 2019 23:59:25

The Right Idea

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Keenen Charles

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When I'm trying to write something it can take a long time to decide on a topic. There are days where I have ideas in mind but others where it's 11:45 and I'm stuck (like today).

On those days it can take hours for me to get a spark to write about. Many random ideas pop into my mind but they don't always inspire me enough to write. Then the right idea can appear and I'm able to crank out 200 words in an instant.

Sometimes all it takes is a title. Sometimes a phrase. Occasionally just a word. And after hours of struggling the words come pouring out. Before you know it you're done and wondering why you struggled b

Other times it's 11:45 and I have no ideas or thoughts and I take the decision to go meta. 200 words about writing and the struggles of writing. If there's any topic that's easy to write about, it's writing. We all struggle at some point. Especially when you're trying to keep a habit up. Sometimes it's the pressure to write something interesting. Sometimes it's just exhaustion and a lack of time.

All it takes to get past it is to find the right idea. Or go meta if you have to.

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