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Aug 05, 2019 16:48:48

The subtlest change can leave the deepest impressions | A Summer Near Westcity - v3 - 2

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I stared at where the portrait once hung. It was the subtlest of changes, and yet it seemed to have changed the aire of the office entirely. 

Leaning back in Mr. Ball's chair, I took a sip of Glenlivet and tried to take it all in. Me, alone here on this third story suite, listening to what was about to be the first big weekend before school resumed... before this place transformed back into college town. 

I wouldn't be returning for classes. I didn't know what I would be doing next. I could hardly even make out how I'd gotten here. And in a way, this was relieving: to not have to worry about my next move. It relieved me to be content thinking back to what had happened in this short time. What had brought me here, to this empty third story suite on a Friday night while my peers were going out, dressed up, for a night of drinks and dancing. 

So much had happened that I couldn't make sense of it all by holding everything in my hands at once. 

No. I needed to focus on a single thing at a time -- in this case a single person. 

One person, yeah I could manage to focus on one person. And that one person was Jackie.

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