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Jun 02, 2019 22:24:06

The Twelve Kingdoms

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This Sunday I had to fix something while playing the anime casts Yoko Nakajima (The Twelve Kingdoms, 十二国記).

It's a Japanese series of fantasy novels adapted into an anime television series in 2002, 45 episodes totally.

The writer has wild imagination influenced by Chinese mythology. In the world of the Twelve Kingdoms, the most astonishing setting is that all living creatures have no fertility, a tree which would fruit babies as the feedback of the prayer to the married couple. 

"If you live in a world where you could have a child whenever the tree answering your payer with your husband," I asked my classmate after introducing her The Twelve Kingdoms, "would you feel free to pursue your dream without the pressure of giving birth of a healthy baby at a young age? "

"Of course, and each married couple must be the true love of each other." My classmate answered without hesitation.

Though the world of Twelve Kingdoms frees female from childbirth, male and female are treated equally to be either an empire or an official. There is still not a perfect world because normal people have a short life and still trapped in physical limitation. They still would get married for children and possessions.

There are other fancy laws of Twelve Kingdoms, like you wouldn't get older and get sick after being assigned as an official. It sounds nice but also means you should serve the king forever without any excuses.

Anyway, an interesting television series.

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