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Feb 16, 2019 15:39:50

Things I am grateful for

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Gene Lim

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This week's topic of the week, things that I am grateful for.

The main thing that I am very grateful for is to have a family that really cares a support me. Without them doing that, I do not think that I could even finish my schooling days and as well as getting a job experience to reach where I am right now. Because of them, I am able to now financially live life decently without relying on my people for allowance monthly. It is not much but enough to live life the fullest.

Actually that is the only thing for what I am very grateful of because it allows me now to be very independent in doing things my own. Thanks to the teachings and knowledge that they have taught me  and given me, I am now also able to raise a child and seeing grow so rapidly. 

I will surely do the same if not better than what I learned and give my all to make sure my son is also able to grow up to be the man that he deserves to be.

Writing this actually brought me back to memory lane. I miss them so much and I should probably message or call them right now.

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