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Feb 16, 2019 10:30:08

Things I'm grateful for

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I am proud of myself in doing so many things. I have a variety of interests. Few things that I was very happy in recent months were:

  • 200WaD - Ability to maintain a streak for the past two months. I was able to write 200 words every day at some time and maintain the writing streak.
  • Reading Books - It is my passion and I have a habit of reading the books at home. I had completed 50 books a year challenge a few years ago.
  • Keto Diet and other bio-hacks - I claim to be a fitness enthusiast. I got a chance to explore the ketogenic diet and almost be a propagandist for the low-carb movement in my circle of friends and family.

But all of this comes at a cost. My wife is a dentist and we have a 6-yo son. We live with my mom and my dad in the beautiful South Indian city, Chennai.

  • I can be a proud early morning person and pursue my Crossfit like workouts because my wife is at home:
    1. Waking my son, give him a bath, make breakfast for him, pack him lunch
    2. She also has to prepare food for her, get ready for her workout and take care of her venture in the afternoon.
  • I can come from my workout, meditate and read books (or rush soon to the office an be a morning person there too) because of my dad:
    1. Takes care of dropping my son at the school and picking him up 
    2. He does the grocery shopping and makes sure we all get fresh produce in the farmer's market.
  • I get my share of time to focus on activities like 200WaD or tweetstorm because of my mom:
    1. Takes care of cooking for the family. Does the laundry every day (We do have a machine, but a family of five can generate a huge laundry debt in drying, folding and shelving)
    2. She also takes care of managing all things related to home, while also preparing for his Sanskrit exams and studies.

I have barely scratched the surface on the effort from everyone in our family. If not for such a fortunate and extremely reliable support system, I might not be able to chase my dreams of working for a startup (with no fixed schedules), pursuing my interests.

Behind every successful streak showcased, there hundreds of streaks running for many years without any highlight or showcase.

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