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Oct 19, 2019 23:56:22

Things that people in the shopping mall tell me

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I like hanging out in the shopping mall where you could meet many strangers living in the same city as you.
There are parents, children, teenagers, lovers, and sellers, all kinds of people eating, walking, shopping and talking in the forest of rich goods.
Besides school and public transportation tools, the shopping mall is the third population density place I spend time on.
There are hidden connections between people in such a  space-time cube, in a way that not directly speaking but telling you by behaviors.
# new dishes
If you want to try a new restaurant, you could make a reliable choice by letting your nose tell you which dish is the most popular while crossing through the tables or just counting the length of the queue in front of the door.
# dressing style
Whenever I enter a cloth store, observing what people are wearing now is more inspiring than watching what is selling in the store. Because cloth in people is more attractive than cloth on shelves, in a dynamic living model.
# emotion pattern
Some places gather people of specific emotions pattern, like libraries for serious, karaoke for fun. But shopping malls are mixtures of multi-functions, you could tell the whole mood after hanging a circle, that's life.

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