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Jul 03, 2019 23:42:42

Third Leg

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Jeff Riddall

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Day three and one more long 8 plus hour drive with a few stops along the way. There are not nearly as many places to pull off or sightseeing opportunities between Thunder Bay and the area in Manitoba where I spent three first 15 years of my life. 

We did, however, manage to find a wee hidden waterfall just off the highway and then a really good bbq joint in the middle of nowhere (which aptly describes most of where we was today). We went for the  smoked brisket on a bun Carolina style (with slaw) and fries.

Then one more stop just this side of the Ontario/Manitoba border in Kenora because there is a brewery there. These types of detours have become staples in our travelogues. Our typical experience involves sharing a flight of beer and then visiting the bottle shop ro choose a growler, howler or cans to take home. 

The last leg of this day's tour took us along a particularly windy 2 lane highway with a posted speed limit of 90 km/he, but I could tell from April's body language I should not accelerate beyond 80. Her fears were grounded in having a deer or moose cross our path; a confrontation we would not likely win. I should point out to date we have seen 3 black bears, 2 deer, one moose and about 17000 crows. 

As we approached one of the small towns I grew up in deja vu and nostalgia took hold. We'll be here a couple of days so I'll save my tales from the wayback machine. For now we need to close our eyes and recharge. 


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    Oh nooooo...
    @Rawhead , Where are you???
    Are you ok? You stopped while driving long distances...
    Shall we "blame Canada"???
    Come back!!!

    Lucjah avatar Lucjah | Jul 24, 2019 18:52:40
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      @lucjah Nah, just decided to take a break whilst on holiday and it's lingered. I'll be back....eventually.

      Jeff Riddall avatar Jeff Riddall | Jul 24, 2019 15:04:00
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