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May 15, 2019 02:00:05

This Weekend

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Daniel Miller

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Catch up on sleep. So sleep deprived. Wake up late Saturday morning. It’s pouring. Work on Minecraft U curriculum. It’s down the to the wire.

Milo has a soccer game. It’s indoors, on a YMCA basketball court. It’s their last game of the season. The rain is letting up as we arrive. The YMCA pre-k referees vary greatly in their level of engagement with the game they are officiating. This one is the best so far. They keep the game moving. There is a lot of scoring. He high fives the entire team every time they score.

Milo loves soccer so much, but he tends to keep his distance from the ball.

Milo scores his first goal of the season. The ball comes to him and he kicks it and it goes in the goal. The crowd of parents goes wild. He talks about it for at least a day and a half.

Work on Minecraft U some more.

There’s a block party on our block. Go participate. The kids are having fun. So many kids.

Work until midnight. Can’t sleep. Bing Netflix until 4am. Damn insomnia.

Sleep in again. Work on Minecraft U some more. Family goes to the big park downtown. Go on a bike ride. 20 miles. Feel much better for it. Work on Minecraft U some more. Submit a PR on someone else’s Minecaft modding examples repository. Submit WIP PR for new Minecraft U curriculum.

Read and work until midnight. Again. Can’t sleep. Again.

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