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May 15, 2019 21:18:38

Throw yourself into things

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Craig Petterson

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I've had a great day. I'm starting to settle down at work again. I sort of lost myself for a bit, but now I'm really enjoying it. I feel like my work have improved recently. Not necessarily the quantity, but the quality. I owe thanks to a couple of crucial relationships that I've built at work.

Equally, the reason is I'm trying to do more things. Granted, this is partly because these people are suggesting or pressuring (in a good/friendly way) to do these things.

I've wanted to do a talk for a while. I don't know what on, but I've never done a talk before. It seems scary. I was going to do one at our next Rubyside event, but I was asked to do one at the Liverpool Software Developer's Meetup instead (or as well?). I wanted to say no, but I really wanted to say yes.

I've no idea what to talk about... I'm sort of excited.

I've also decided to help with a digital mentoring programme, to help high schoolers get interested in tech. I wanted to just help out, but I've been sort of thrown in at the deep end.

I recently released a side projects article, but I thought it was difficult to read on such a wide line length. So, now I'm redesigning my personal website. I've been encouraging a colleague to do the same and I'm enjoying design at the moment. So, why not?

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