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Jun 13, 2019 21:22:38


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Keeping myself busy at work. I am trying to set up some email campaigns. Discounts and news from our e-commerce site. Will see how many unsubscribers I am gonna get hehe. 

It's kinda fun .. good experience to try something new. Our e-commerce site is going well. I'm not stressed I would screw something up. But it's a little different do the newsletters for a small company than being lost in the corporate hierarchy. Nobody will check after me. But whatever too much thinking it's never good.

The emailing marketing is needed I should communicate with the customers somehow. As you could know I had worked as an Email Developer, my first-time full-time job ever and even though I was actually pressing the sending buttons I had never done the fun part of the email marketing. Which is I guess thinking about the content itself and see the statistics?! All the time just the boring part of adjusting the templates design. I wouldn't go back...


Boston lost yesterday, it's so bad, I was watching the game with the disappointing ending but life goes on. Next time hehe.

Now is the Raptors turn hopefully they are gonna make it. Please Please. As a fan, I couldn't stand another final lose.

Take care


Stay with me. Efran.

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