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Jun 02, 2019 23:44:14

Tick Tock

by @zainabmirza | 208 words | 🐣 | 32💌

Zainab Mirza

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The countdown stares at me, the seconds ticking down menacingly.

Twelve hours left.

Seven hours left.

0 hours, 29 minutes and 47 seconds to go.

0 hours, 27 minutes and 7 seconds to go, else the 6 day streak slides down to zero. 

My mind races as it throws unhelpful questions at me. "What should I write about? Why has writing begun to feel like so much work? I had so many ideas the first day we joined this, why am I drawing a blank now?"

25 minutes. -120 words.

My fingers pretend to type as they tap on the keys, as though they're trying to lift the words out of the keyboard.

"You ate too much," an all-too familiar voice inside me complains. "I'm tired and I want to sleep. Or watch House of Cards. Can't we just let it go?"

"I'm at a 6 day streak!! Do you want that to be for nothing??" 

"But why does it matter? Who cares if you miss a day?"

"I care, and that's enough."

20 minutes, 19 seconds. -34 words.

"Man, you're slow," the voice chimes in.

"If you're not going to help, shut up."

My mind races yet again. We're close. We're almost there! 

"Why type this anyway? Who's going to find it useful?!"

201 words. I smile.

"Someone might. And that's enough."

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    @zainabmirza - "But why does it matter? Who cares if you miss a day?" "I care, and that's enough." <-- exactly.

    Ghi Arguello avatar Ghi Arguello | Jun 02, 2019 18:44:42
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      @ghiarguello Indeed 🙌🏻

      Zainab Mirza avatar Zainab Mirza | Jun 04, 2019 00:22:36
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    @zainabmirza I enjoyed reading it. :)

    Haider Al-Mosawi avatar Haider Al-Mosawi | Jun 03, 2019 01:00:01
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      @haideralmosawi That made me smile wider! Thank you :D

      Zainab Mirza avatar Zainab Mirza | Jun 03, 2019 01:15:30
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