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Jan 29, 2019 08:28:48


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"Time, you just keep going, and one day you'll be going on with me. Time. Time. Time. Come back."

I feel time slipping through my fingers these days. I've stretched myself too thin time and time again and only now am I realizing the effects.

I think at times I believe I'm Elastagirl and Mr. Incredible combined, that I'm able to stretch big enough to carry the whole world and that I've got the strength to carry it.

For some reason I'm never satisfied with my limits. I'm always pushing on them in vain, hoping that today will be the day my limits fall away.

Some days I'm able to recognize my limitations. I live a smaller life those days, but a deeper one, a more present one.

There's something special about giving yourself to a few people deeply. To a few activities deeply, slowly.

It's been a long time since I've moved slowly and at times I mistake my frantic life for a productive and full one. The other day, I thought to myself that my life was abundant, overflowing. Maybe I just spilled because now I feel half full - groggy, behind, and lethargic.

I've got this saying, "Slow down or fall down." Time doesn't slow down, so it looks like I'll have to.

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    @jimmycerone love this. beautifully written, jimbo

    Isaac Nelson avatar Isaac Nelson | Jan 29, 2019 18:39:16
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