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Dec 19, 2018 17:09:29

Tips On Buying Gifts

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Gene Lim

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It is the time of the year where people will either be having struggles or it is natural for them in buying gifts for the festive event, Christmas. In this article, I will write my version on guides of how you can remove the struggles of buying gifts. The struggle mentioned here is regarding getting ideas on what would be the right gift. For those of you has this natural habit in buying gifts, please contribute by commenting your method in the comment section below.

This year I have a few events to attend to. A family, workmates and friends gathering, all in a different dates and location. So today, I went out to buy the gift for each of this events. Usually I have no idea on what I need to buy but today the method I used was a successful method.

What I did was getting at least a friend to join me in buying those gift. The reason to ask someone to buy accompany you is to get their opinion if what you are getting is right.

The next thing I did was to categorise my choices by separating the people I am gifting to. Family, Workmates and Friends. From here I can limit my gift choices by getting to know the general item that can be appreciated for the person I am getting for.

For family, the gift that can never go wrong will be any household needs. You could get a clock, bath towels, pillows, utensils or even blankets. Any of this item will be easily accepted by your family members as they are all meaningful and are everyday needs.

For your workmates, the gifts that can never go wrong would be office needs. Not the literal office materials such as paper and pen but something that they would still appreciate it. This will depend on every working environment. For instance, I am a software developer, working in an IT company, I will get them something relatable such as mouse, keyboard or a pencil holder. If ever you will want to get something not related to the office usage only, you can go for a mug, thermos bottle or even a book planner as it will be useful for the new year.

For your friends, if they are your close friends, get them something meaningful such as a wallet or purse, perfume, an engraved messaged pen or even better, a custom portrait of the two of you if you are really close as it is priceless. If ever that person is just a good friend, you could get a coffee maker, a plant, a shirt or a book.

Those mentioned are general gift that can be easily appreciated by anyone in those categories. You may ask me, "But what about the person you asked to accompany you in buying all those gift? Wouldn't you be buying one for him or her too and how will you buy for that person if he or she is always beside you?" 

The answer is simple, during the whole duration of searching for those gifts, I will make sure to ask indirectly on every gift that I am buying if he or she will like it too. I believe you get the point here. I will be able to at least get a hint of what he or she is interested and find another day to buy that item alone. This time I can buy it alone without someone accompanying me as I knew on what I will be getting.

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    I don't buy gifts during Christmas :P Except for children ofc.

    I don't feel like I have to buy something for everyone because this is what society expects me to do. I do like offering thoughtful gifts though. And this is when my entrepreneur engineer mind kicks in. I want the gift to be useful, which solves a problem the person has.

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Dec 20, 2018 06:59:50
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