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Jun 04, 2019 22:04:53

Tips to work from home

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Recently, I was given to work from home since I had a baby and helped my wife. It was very helpful for our family because I could instantly help her whenever she needed literally another hand. At the same time, it was difficult to focus and spend the chunk of time to achieve small tasks. Sometimes I feel I did not achieve much and spend longer hours for working considering the moment I was distracted by such a demand from my wife or baby. In addition, I tend to have less sleep so feel like less concentration at home.

Therefore, I would like to list up the tips to work from home effectively. This is not specialized for the situation for those who have a baby but general tips to work from home.

  1. Create TODO list before starting
  2. Change clothes to turn on your work mode
    If I kept wearing pajama, I felt like I was not productive. Washing my face, and changing clothes made some signals to our body.
  3. Declare your working time for working to someone
    I also tended to share my working hours with my wife from when to when I planed to work and when I had the call / online meeting.
  4. Go to the cafe or somewhere out of your room
    Luckily, our apartment has a common space that I could use for working with wifi and outlet. So if I could leave home for awhile but still close enough to the room, I go to such a room.
  5. Show you are working by explicit icon
    Sometimes without any bad intetnion, my wife talked me if I were there. But when I wear ear phone, she understood and recognize again that I was working. She respected me more.
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