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Mar 05, 2019 21:12:14

Tired tortoise

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I wrote about the story of the Tortoise and the Hare. The reason why the tortoise wins the race is that the tortoise looks at his own goal. But today I am a bit tired tortoise even if I should not be tired yet.   

My wife is expecting a baby and anytime the baby might come. My mother in-a-law also visited and our routine was a little bit changed. Many of those who already experienced extremely low sleep time after their baby was born told me that I should enjoy a peaceful time. However, we are getting up late at night since my wife thought the time came. It happened twice. My wife is getting tired of waiting and is being stressed.

Myself. I recognized that I felt a bit tired since I cannot come up with a topic to write and a bit reluctant to sit in front of the computer today. It is hard to focus on something.

At the same time, I should find a way to make myself feel easier and less burden to write "just" 200 words a day to improve my writing. In my opinion, professionals or those who reach the point can perform well even if they have a bad condition. There is a high lower boundary of performance no matter what the situation is. 

I am not getting that professional yet but at least I need to perform as if I am a professional so that I can progress in my best. I should be the tortoise who compares themselves with who they were yesterday. I will be proud of myself if I can continue to write even when the baby comes and the new chaotic but priceless moment starts.


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