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Apr 02, 2019 22:10:09

To have time (pt 1)

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Time's a weird thing to claim to have or not have. People often say, I don't have time to do this or that, and the phrase has burrowed into our language enough that we don't consider it when uttering it.

To be alive enough to utter such a statement (or think it) is to imply that you do indeed have time. Time may be running out for you, but it's not time's shortness that causes you not to be able to do something, at least not the minute things that people usually use the phrase to complain about.

The reason why you can't meet with someone, or go bowling, or read a book, or whatever is not because there isn't enough time. Time isn't the relevant variable here. "But, Abe, it is time! Because if I had 80 hours in a day then I'd totally go to the gym!" However, time is the equivalent factor for people. Time indeed is a variable in decision making, but not the reason why you won't do something. Time can definitely make it so you can't do something, but it can't affect what you choose to do.

Similar to how all sports teams intend to win, the intention to win is not a useful variable to look at when trying to see what separates the winning team from the rest. And similarly, thinking that your time is short is a poor way of explaining why you can't do something.

It's not that we don't have time for stuff. It's that we have chosen other things to spend our time on. Just make sure the latter is something fulfilling enough that you don't sweat the former. Or else you'll be sweating the shortness of time and how it's ticking away. One tock at a time.




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