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Jun 01, 2019 00:31:06

To those whose crime was falling in love.

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It will not surprise me if every week at least one gay person gets married to an unsuspecting partner of the opposite sex. It is the sad consequence of the stigmatization, abuse and outright criminalization of homosexuality across the world. 

Living in the closet has obvious, well documented consequences, you should check it out. No one should have to live a lie. Equally, it is very immoral to punish people for the adults they choose to enter consensual relationships with. 

This little submission however sheds some light on the straight people caught in the web of lies we sometimes force queer people to spin. The unwitting partners whose only crime is love and believe them. This is for the men and women they marry as props. No one deserves that too. Many of them are suddenly ejected from lives they have built over decades when their partners come out of the closet. It is usually devastating and they are then required to be supportive and kind to the people who turned their lives around. 

There is no simple, easy fix for it. We have created a world queer people have to lie to live in, that's not their fault. At the same time, its also unfair to exploit someone's love and make them a prop. 

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