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Aug 03, 2019 23:57:15

Tonight I Mourn For My Neighbors

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I can tell you that my city of El Paso is the opposite of what happened today.  It is a safe and pacific community where people help and look after each other.

What hurts the most, is to learn that the person who committed this heinous act, did it out of hate. That he decided to come and kill innocent people because he sees our racial composition as something that cannot be tolerated in this country.

What hurts even more is to know that there are more assholes like him out there, who cheer on social media about the mass shooting that took place today in my hometown saying we "deserved it" or "had it coming"; showing an incredible level of cynicism and lack respect for human life. 

Let's be clear. What happened today is not just another mass shooting.  It all changed the moment we learned about the shooter's motives.  No, this is different, this was an act of hate.

The moment it becomes a racially motivated crime, a hate crime, this is no longer just about a mentally ill person getting a hold of a gun and going on a shooting rampage.  Instead it is part of a larger conversation that has been happening in America over the past couple of years regarding immigration and how tolerant we are about it.

Today's events in El Paso mark yet another escalation in the racist rhetoric against Latin American immigrants.  It is no longer just political posturing, or a racist comment at a political rally, or just another reckless twit storm.  Today the line was crossed; war was brought to our door steps and real lives were taken from innocent civilians.  Today the hate that has been brewing over the past months was manifested into death.


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