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Jun 30, 2019 14:35:22

too personal ... the MDW app - part 5

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When you are 27 years old everything should start making a sense. You should have a good job, lasting relationship, maybe already starting a family. 

This is one of the first sentences I wrote down on my blog. I think it's even in my about me page. Let's make it clear I started my blog a 3 years ago ... and my life still doesn't make a sense. I still live with my mom. I still have no money, no savings. I have a job, a decent job. But can I imagine building a career on the same path? Definitely no! 

Let's go back in time. When I first wrote down this sentence I was 27, still quite young, ready for a new adventure in Canada. So there was kinda hoping to make a change. Find the right direction, find the thrive, the purpose. The experience should be strong. So when I was writing this down I actually believe for the change.. Yes, I believe... 

Three years later I am 30 years old ... I am back in Prague ... and there is no hope.. or at least there is no expecting experience which could change it. So what should I do ... let's write down ... the story of my life. 

Let's make the change by myself, let's change the negativity, let's do the step for better me ... I am not saying for a better future in purpose ... cuz I want to do the change in the present. I wanna live the changes ... Not just hope (again) for better future .. for luck .. for positivity which could happen ..cuz I already tried that once .. sure it was an amazing trip, amazing ride of uncertainty .. I wouldn't skip this experience .... but did I get the wanting "change" .. did I get the Efran 2.0. improved version. definitely no. 

It was still Efran 1.0 .. with less money and less hope ... and a few times more broken heart ... the problem wasn't with the stay abroad. Problem was with the not enough effect after. Basically, If I compare myself I was still the same ... if I am talking about the important aspects of my life ... Passion, purpose, thrive, money, relationship... no no no no and no... I could take my feelings back then and now and nothing change ...

Ok, Let's stop bragging about it. It is what is it. I just wanted to write a little overview for you, who read (if someone)...


It's a little bit of dramatic hahah. But with this app .. probably some deepest thoughts coming inside of me ... so take it easy :D


Stay with me. Efran.

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