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Feb 23, 2019 00:00:52


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The new semester always begins with new tools. 

There are people that always recognize their bad habits and plan their dream future accessibly. No matter when, they have a clear mind what have happened last and what should do next. Obliviously, I do not. I have always been hunting for something physical and practical to help me in a particular way, like a bullet journal to organize my mind, a chrome extension to track my acitivities, etc. Without these tools, my life would be in a mess.

This month I have spent more than a week doing nothing other than figuring out what I really need in my daily routine acitivies. More specifically, there are two kinds of demands for me:

#1 Demand that I have realized and kept in mind for a long time. For this kind, it's not in priority because it could be tolerant or replaced.

#2 Demand that I have not recognize till I found it was expressed out by others. For this kind, it is in my priority for it would refresh my past by something totally different.

The former kind of requirements have been my initial motivation to start hunting, but I ended in the later to achieve more surprise. And I am still in progress.

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