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Aug 09, 2019 21:45:43

Top 5 romance movies close to our life

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It's Friday again,  I often share a movie with my bf as one of his weekend activities. Among my recommendations, some are particular for the discussion about romance.

Here are our top 5 that are so close to our life.

#1 True Love (1989)

Married couples living together, colleagues working together, friends hanging out together, there are deception, betrayal, funeral, and separation, but also wedding, engagement, proposal, and union.

#2 Ocean Waves (1993)

A boy recalled the memories about unkindness to the most beautiful and smart girl in class. There are regrets about all the misunderstandings in schooldays, but luckily they both grew up finally.

#3 Flipped (2010)

The most attractive part would make you flipped, but the whole may be far less. Beyond the love story, it shows the differences between the two family systems' younger generation.

#4 About Time (2013)

If you can travel in time, you're easy to get rich, but hard to meet your lover and make sure she would love you again.

If you could live every day twice, you may fail to seize the moment, because others don't have a second chance as you do.

#5 The Before Trilogy (1995, 2004, 2013)

The trilogy covers 20's romance, 30's frustration, and 40's compromise between the same lovers. Things changed as time went by, but they do spend the whole life together.

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