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Apr 09, 2019 08:57:16

Topics I'm interested in

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Yesterday I wrote about creating a personal brand that is centered around a variety of topics and interests, so you're not pigeonholed to one topic. Today I wanted to share some of my personal interests and some of the reasons I developed these interests:

Critical thinking: I became interested in this after exploring my own beliefs and questioning whether my beliefs were the result of my upbringing or universal facts anyone can come to accept

Religion (and rationality): Closely related to critical thinking, but with a focus on religion, how we can come to understand it, the role of science and reason in understanding the world, and what benefits we can derive from religion, while acknowledging the dangers of dogmatism and division.

Morality: How we can make good decisions in life based on human well-being, not being slaves to rules and principles that don't serve us but we feel obligated to uphold. Many people cringe at the idea of morality because they've been expected to live out their lives with their happiness being an adversary to being a good person. But happiness is a moral pursuit, and it's not a matter of either good or happy.

Life balance: I've struggled trying to take care of different areas of my life (professional goals, relationships, health, hobbies, etc), and so it became an obsession of mine to better understand balance and how it can be achieved. 

Learning: I love learning, but I'm also intimidated by many topics and skills because I don't feel competent enough to understand them. But learning is mostly the process of getting out of our own way and leave our minds free to do their magic. 

Writing: I enjoy the process of writing and regard it as a valuable tool in personal development and exploration, as well as having a positive impact on the world. I've given a couple of writing workshops to help make the practice more accessible to writers.

Habits: Personal development is a huge interest of mine, but I usually get overwhelmed by all the goals I want to pursue and improvements I want to make. I believe personal development ultimately boils down to small changes we make consistently, without getting caught up in too much planning.

Startups: I love the process of exploring a problem, tinkering with possible solutions, and building a product that can serve thousands or millions of people. I see high potential in startups, and enjoy helping others flesh out their products, and I have a few ideas of my own that I'd like to pursue. I'm the cofounder of a company who offers such support.

User experience design: I'm the cofounder of another company that provides user experience design services. :D It's a process I enjoy doing AND it can have a huge impact on the lives of many. If you've ever felt frustrated using a product, website, or an app, then you can appreciate the role user experience design can have in enhancing our lives.

You probably share more than one of my interests and have a list of your own. 

Embrace the multi-dimensionality of your self. You don't have to hide or be afraid of expressing interest in many things.

What are YOUR interests?

Reply to this post with a bigger chunk of your personality you've been hiding. I'm sure a single post won't do you justice, but it's a good start. :D

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