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Jan 04, 2019 15:27:05

Tough choice

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I m lucky on this one. I have a project then changing of the job scope last minute. Original the whole package includes a website, user pay and downloads some info and a simple review engine. The client decided to drop the review engine and replace it with build competition design briefing documentation.

Since designing is not my strength, I need to pull a designer in to help design & build. My usual design part was busy with moving house, so can't help me, I need to find someone new on this. There are 2 choices for me:

Designer A - an experienced designer that can build some good corporate design with a pretty high price rate.

Designer B - a not so experienced in print and corporate designer but with a good attitude and lower rate, almost 50% only of the Designer A's rate.

If I choose Designer A, my budget will be scratch very thin but I mostly no need to worry about the design direction & the design detail.

If I choose Designer B, I will need to spend more time on those design direction & detail.

So how I decide to use my own budget and get both to design 5 pages first ( the whole thing is around 50~60 pages ) and let the client choose. Suprisely the client choose Designer B, although Designer A has present some professional corporate design looks pages, the client has no idea how they charge and only judge by the sample pages they did.

I plan to work with Designer A if is not because the client chooses Designer B. Today it proves that is a correct decision, We are using Designer B and the client really have lots of request and changes, but Designer B is handled pretty well and because the rate is lower, I have enough profit and will share more profit with her.

It's a tough choices for that moment, but I m glad I did the correct one.

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