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Oct 16, 2019 22:37:37

Transition before the deadline

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On the same day, I'm shocked by two news.

One is that a popular idol killed herself though she was working actively in the morning, the other is that a student's cartoon work win a prize though he almost missed the deadline to graduate.

I didn't mean the killing-herself girl is negative, and the winning-a-prize boy is positive. No one has the right to judge without understanding the process, this is water.

The two young human being is the same age as me, 25. When I learned the story behind them, there is one more common we share: transition before the deadline.

One wants a switch from a cute idol to a serious actress to win expectation, the other wants a switch from a student to an independent storyteller to win graduation.  And they both fall behind the peer after the whistle.

We're told life is a marathon, however, before arriving at the end, no one could avoid being ranked all the time.

Now I fail squeezing out some chicken soup for the soul to end this post, because it's exhausting to write without confident self experiences. I'm involved in the war of replacing the old self with a new vision now.

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