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Mar 21, 2019 22:26:43


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❤️ @gumroad

Now just gotta figure out how to make this happen more often



The funny thing here is that I’m using Gumroad via a Zapowr integration to sell a Teachable course because Teachable’s payout terms and fees and checkout experience are shit


While we're admiring this $4327 Gumroad payout coming right after another $4000 last week, let me tell you something I learned about business in the last 5 months.


A business that supports itself, that's easy. A business that supports itself AND you, that shit's hard.


Sidehustling takes discipline and hard work, yes. BUT

EVERYTHING YOU MAKE IS PLAY MONEY. Just for fun. Do what you want.

Your dayjob covers your actual needs.


You get confident. I got dis, you think. You scale back your day job.

And then reality hits you in the face like a brick. All your play money becomes real money all of a sudden.

"Sure I'll pay" turns into YOU WANT HOW MUCH FOR THIS!?


EVERYTHING feels expensive. Everything. 


And that's not even the worst part. You can cust costs, you have more time so you can do more yourself, you can use fewer automations. Many ways to fix cashflow. Freelance if you must.

What really gets you is that reality sucks the fun right out of your business.


Launch a thing and make $8000 in a week. FUCK YES!! 💪🤞💪

That's old you.

The new real-business-you looks at those $8000 and thinks "Fuck me I can't survive on making 8k every few months. I need real money"


You plug in the formula. 

A full-email-list launch converts at 0.5% to 1% conversion rates. At $149 per sale you need a new product every month (and absolutely burn out your list), or treble the size of your list ...

... and still need a new product every 3 months 😅


You look at your little list, you look at your 1 product, and it's like ... 

Where's the fun? Even if you do everything right, even if you absolutely nail your launch(es), it's just not enough money.

And there's nothing quite like not enough money to make work feel not like fun


Shit takes time

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