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Feb 04, 2019 04:55:09

Travelling For Work Begins Today

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Amar Vyas

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Lessons learnt from last year- poor planning and/ or execution can mean unnecessary travel. In 2018, I fell prey to both. This year, travel is on an "only if you need" basis.

Travel Diary: 2018

Last year, I was on the road for over 100 days, flew nearly 30 roundtrips, and spent over 70 nights in hotel rooms. In case you are wondering about the math: for the nights not spent in hotel rooms, it was either a day trip, or involved staying with friends or family. I just cannot sleep in hotel rooms, and even in the plushest of hotels, I sleep on the floor. Therefore staying with friends or family is an attractive option.

Let me also be the first to admit that a lot of this travel was unplanned, some of it very well planned but poorly executed, and some was travel because I had to do. This obviously had costs in terms of financial, health, staying away from family, and environmental impact. And that is where the problem lay.

In 2019, my goal was to travel on an "only if you need" basis. So while the budget allows for atleast two roundtrips domestically every month, I am planning to be extra cautious. Or maybe judicious.

Meeting Math: An Experiment

This is the first trip where my theory, which I would like to fondly call as "Meeting Math", will get tested. In any major city in India, one can schedule two, at the most three meetings in a single day. Anything more than that is setting oneself up for failure. Traffic, poor time management, late arrivals, and many other unforeseen factors contribute to this.

So say I travel from Bengaluru to Mumbai for three days, I can plan at the most 9 meetings (3 x 3, duh!). Discount one meting each on the day of arrival and departure, and one gets 7 meetings. So the goal should be to schedule and conduct atleast seven meetings in a span of three days. Two trips a month mean 14 meetings in a given month, which will still be more productive than last year.

To wrap it up, this week I will get to test the theory.

Let the rubber meet the road. And today's travel will be a trial run of sorts. Therefore, keeping my fingers crossed.

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    @amarvyas I travel for work as well. I am curious to hear how your experiment goes to improve planning and overall travel experience.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Feb 04, 2019 08:33:14
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      @brandonwilson Many thanks.. yes would love to share how it works out. Hope your travel this year goes well too!

      Amar Vyas avatar Amar Vyas | Feb 05, 2019 06:48:14
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