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Jul 23, 2019 21:32:43


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Yesterdays boxing lesson was hard. I feel I have muscle fewer today haha. I should work out more regularly. I am gonna die on tomorrows training. I should do some exercise over the weekend not just chilling at home. Laziness please go away.

Today is my inner writer pretty weak (I mean weaker than usual haha) even my today's blog post gonna be super short but sometimes is not a good writing day.

So lets just summarize the day.. I woke up, I woke up again, took a shower, ate a breakfast, took my mom to the bank, went to work, worked, ate a lunch, worked, went home, did a grocery, cooked a dinner, wrote a blog post, watched a soccer game, writing a 200WaD post, just realized that Grammarly doesn't work so I am screwed, will thing how to for a god sake write down 200 words, eventually will finish the 200WaD post, will finish the blog post, will read a little, will log something on maker log, will brush my teeth, will go bed, will try to sleep.

Okay I dont know what I am gonna do more haha.

Take care and goodnight. :)


Stay with me. Efran.

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