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May 28, 2019 21:47:40

tuesday's blog post

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Tuesdays are about my blog post. So a lot of writing. Not much power left for my 200WaD post hehe... You can see my post here: A little bit about the promo, some stats and why I write

It's about how I promote my projects. Spoiler alert so far I do not much. It is already the eight week and I have still something to write about. I am very happy I can keep the schedule.

Still, need to do some bigger project. Just blog, youtube channel and one affiliate site it's not enough. The ideas bottle is empty now ... even though still writing 10 ideas every day. 

For sure I am gonna edit my IdeasKeeper Coda doc. I realized that I don't like to use it even by myself which is not good hehe. I have to do it simpler. I am gonna take away the evaluation of the ideas (it will move just to the further steps) and probably keep it just as a simple notepad or I don't know yet. Just wanna do it more enjoyable. It takes too much time to fill it ... but how to keep track of the best ideas? need to think about it more...


Stay with me. Efran.

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