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Aug 20, 2019 22:50:35

Uncomfortable to be swallowed up

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Back to #Teamstreak again, anything different? In one word: uncomfortable.

The sense of uncomfortable made me quit at the 105th streak to find a solution. Now I've got another 30 streaks, but it's still troubling me, mixed with disappointment, unsatisfaction, and a little bit of pride.

I'm easy to get bored. Beautiful dresses, delicious food, kind friends, aha lists, inspiring books, ... they can't interest me too long if there are no deeper connections.

What's a deeper connection?  After eating, the nutrition of the food becomes part of your body. Then you run, you think, you read, all your activities are supported by it. That's a deeper connection between you and the food.

My uncomfortable feeling is the result of the "eat-absorb-act" cycle, in other words, the "input-absorb-output" iteration.

The inputs, like aha lists, inspiring books, they don't connect with me. I could summarize them, organize them, rewrite them, but they still not my works. I couldn't output something creative based on my absorption.

When I talk with someone (in my mother tongue), there is a screen in my mind, I would highlight and filter the sentences borrowed from others in our conversation. Most of the times, there is nothing original left, or too original to worth talking. (My sister is an exception, she has so many brilliant unique thoughts that sometimes, I have to steal her words.)

So, how to train the muscle of swimming in the ocean of knowledge other than being swallowed by it?

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    @5plus6 Sounds pretty deep, but I think you should keep writing here to work to find the answers you seek.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Aug 20, 2019 18:00:16
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