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Jan 16, 2019 21:08:52

Unpaid Roles

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I love the topic that it was presented today. Unpaid roles. Fantastic topic to write about, because i am feeling a little bit lost now.

I have been volunteering in the past, and i am currently doing it still. I like to be involved in NGO's and activities that involve some kind of action. I am a man of action, but there is a problem.

I can't be very productive remotely. It's an issue that i just found out and something that was bothering me for a while.

I just found out that i hate remote work, and i hate working from home, even if it's an unpaid role. Even if it's a volunteering opportunity in the best place. Even if i get a volunteering opportunity like right now that i have in an NGO that i even wrote my whole diploma project about it.

And i found out why i can't work remotely.

I am a fucking sociable animal. People love me and like to hear my thoughts out and i really love to hear people out. I am a communications Bachelor and i love to speak out. I just love to speak to people but only offline. I hate online communication and even if i get paid to finish something like finding an online gig i hate it.

I get all anxious if i only stay at home and work.

I hate remote jobs because i don't see any freedom of it. I only see a prison where people like to walk in by themselves.

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    @berkan I am very curious as to what you were doing before remote work and what's stopping you to go back.

    Abhinaya Konduru avatar Abhinaya Konduru | Jan 18, 2019 03:46:32
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      @itsabhinaya Before that, as a job i worked as a waiter (not good at all but who cares) i volunteered in an NGO (in-house) and i was on an internship in an office at my friend's company. So now i know why i miss office life because it's interesting and that's why i don't want a remote job.

      Berkan avatar Berkan | Jan 18, 2019 17:40:44
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      @berkan aha hope you are taking the steps to get out of the current state.

      Abhinaya Konduru avatar Abhinaya Konduru | Jan 19, 2019 05:05:07
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