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Jan 19, 2019 15:55:45

Unpaid Roles

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Gene Lim

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Unpaid Roles is the topic of the week. Honestly the first time I read this title I have no idea on what to write about it as I do not really understand what it means. Any topic can literally mean anything out of its original meaning, which is what I am going to write about this topic. 

From my understanding, unpaid roles is something to do regarding not getting paid or even getting paid enough for what you are doing. It could be from full time job to even a freelancing work. 

Not sure if everyone experience this situation, but I have during freelancing. I tried to find some work through a freelancing online platform and found a job scope that is on my interest. After applying for it and many messages received and replied, I am tasked to do something big within an impossible deadline with a very little income that does not match the job scope. I know the company is trying to take advantage of me but in the end I actually accepted the job as I am desperate about getting a job to cover my needs. After 3 days of trying to draft out the outcome, I came to a decision to stop doing it because of the pressure on the impossible deadline and also not getting paid with the right amount. The good part of it is that there is no contract signed yet, so I have nothing to lose other than that 3 days of effort. 

After ending that, I was lucky enough to find a job in my local city and also work remotely even though I am just about 20 minutes drive away from the office. 

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    @wernminlim Curious as too if you told the freelance gig employer about the impossible deadline before quitting it?

    Abhinaya Konduru avatar Abhinaya Konduru | Jan 20, 2019 03:46:37
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      @itsabhinaya actually indirectly. He called me for the work to be done and I told him that it is really out of my jobscope and I wasn't interested. since it has been only 3 days, there is nothing for him to lose.

      At first I really thought I could do it but after using that 3 days for researching on the task, I have to be straight with him to avoid further complication.

      Gene Lim avatar Gene Lim | Jan 20, 2019 15:04:44
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