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Jan 23, 2019 18:11:59

Unpaid roles

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Majority of fresh graduates are unable to claim their reward when they start their career. They think that claiming reward is unethical and unnecessary in the business. In corporate world, companies and individuals always trying to manipulate fresh graduates and sucking their fresh ideas to enhance their business. However, corporate social responsibilities bound employers to pay reward on time, but these frameworks could not implement in practical world. In recent internet survey, we found plenty of young fresh graduates saying that majority of entrepreneurs are failed to maintain the corporate social responsibility. on the other hand, employers blame the employees for non-serious attitude to pursue their work. These dwindling approaches left nothing, but a culture of chaos and manipulation if so from both side. To prevent such unethical culture and behavior, one must need to mention their Job description along with deadline. And on the same hand, employer need to sign a contract to pay such and such amount or things to finish the assigned task. More ever, transparency always help to those who have worst experience in the past. It is often says that, don't sell your skills for free if you are good at that skills. so everyone either employer or employee it is prime responsibility that you must be transparent, honest and hard-worker to deliver your time and skill.  

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    @aslampervez this is so true "culture of chaos and manipulation if so from both side".

    It gets worse when that role is really competitive.

    Abhinaya Konduru avatar Abhinaya Konduru | Jan 25, 2019 15:24:23
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      @itsabhinaya Thank you, modern contemporary corporate culture

      aslampervez avatar aslampervez | Jan 29, 2019 14:34:20
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