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Jan 19, 2019 06:39:24

Unpaid Roles: Part 2

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Abhinaya Konduru

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I previously talked about why people take unpaid roles here. Here are some reasons why companies or people offer unpaid roles in the first place:

(Unpaid roles are illegal in parts of the world so most of the time they are tied to another intangible item.)

  • Certain work can be done by someone with no or little experience while the hired person does more important work.
  • The company can't pay the person because they don't have the budget but the work needs to get done.
  • The company is trying to offer an experience for someone without paying them.
  • The company is testing the person out by offering work.

Most of the unpaid roles go into one of these categories: opportunistic, experience, exploitation, and exploration. 

Depending on the unpaid role, it can be beneficial for both parties but it does have limitations and expectations have to be met equally to have a pleasant experience. Here are some things to consider when offering an unpaid role: 

  • Can the right candidate afford to take the role?
  • Can you get a diverse pool of candidates to apply for the role?
  • Does the candidate understand the role expectations?
  • Is the candidate expecting more out of the role than it is intended for?
  • Does the manager have enough time to actually teach new things for the candidate?

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    @itsabhinaya This is absolutely true "limitations and expectations have to be met equally to have a pleasant experience"

    Navin avatar Navin | Jan 20, 2019 20:14:46
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