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Mar 23, 2019 06:46:40

Up with the Sun

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Brian Ball

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I'm looking to the east from Tehachapi. I think I'm looking toward Las Vegas - that's where I'm headed. But, a fantastic camp-out last night and an early stop for coffee has me putting down some thoughts.

The sun is coming up. It's not yellow - the blazer that'll blind me heading east. No, it's sneaking up behind the mountains in a pale blue. It's putting on it's socks and shoes, probably going for a light jog before it stops and shakes hands with some of the stars who have spent the night shining. "We'll see you all later tonight!" - an enthusiastic tone. Sun has been doing this job for a while and never tires of it. Is it a passion? Is it a duty? Just a good fit.

What was God thinking when he made Sun? Did he blow up a few galaxies while trying to get fission right?

The birds are awake too. There's chatting about all the bugs splatted on speedy L.A. traffic racing off to the good life that is RedRock canyon west of LV. It'll only slightly increase the complexity of them finding a morning meal. It might not actually be connected at all. Okay, I admit it. I don't speak as much crow as I once did. For all I know, they could be reminding each other to clean up their rooms before the grandparents come over tonight. How many generations do birds live? 

Morning 200Worders!

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