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Jul 13, 2019 20:28:15

Upset? Play this slide

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There is a pined google slide named "Quotes" on my browser all the time.
Each slide is one quote collected from Reddit, books, podcasts, ...
Whenever I find an inspiring sentence, most are very simple and short, I copy and paste it into a new slide immediately.
Some are pictures, some are texts, all automatically formatted in default dark theme.

Actually, it's a large bowl of chicken soup for the soul, unnecessary for drinking every day, but extremely cheerful when you feel helpless and alone. 
Unlike handwriting notes, google slide is not only convenient for collecting but also more powerful to reviewing.
Stuck and don't want to speak? Okay, relax, sit down and start playing.
Page after page, words in large fonts and pictures in large size are talking with you:
  • "When it hurts – observe. Life is trying to teach you something."
  • "Test the most basic assumptions of the work-life equation."
  • "Your speed doesn't matter, forward is forward."
  • "You get out what you put in."
  • ......
There is no stress to respond, no need to react, just sit, relax and watch, be an audience.
Kind of like meditation, it's an art of doing nothing while healing in silence.

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