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May 26, 2019 21:10:59

video day

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Sunday began to be watching sports day. I am so happy that all the league slowly going to end for this year. Otherwise, I would be stuck just in front of the television and I wouldn't do anything productive. 

Sunday is also the day for my regular youtube video. Unfortunately, until now I didn't find a topic. I must see Brian's post where he gave me a few ideas... Wait ...

Ok, I try to write my 10 ideas per day live .. I am not sure I can make .. I have a limit for recording just 10 minutes hehe. 


Okay, Okay ... I just finished my video. Ideas are so stupid but at least I could make it haha. It's a little funny. I was writing my last idea on the very last second. Good experience though. 

You can see the result here: 10 ideas live - recording as I think - but please don't watch and laugh.  It's not about the video itself but I practice my English too haha.

I record just one video per week but it's still a hassle to make something normal. I shouldn't schedule just the video itself but also schedule the topics brainstorming at least a day before haha. 

OK, tomorrow back to work. Take care.


Stay with me. Efran.

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