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Jan 21, 2019 15:29:54


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Gene Lim

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Always before starting to do something, I will go online and do my research for the best approach or any additional ideas or even the bad sides to look out for. Same goes to buying something. I will find for reviews, reading through all the pros and cons and ask myself why I need to buy it.

I have been working on my new job for 3 weeks now and I still follow the same habit. From designing of the application, front end of the application and the back end of the application. Any additional plugins that I may need, I will also find for its pros and cons and if ever there will be charges, the cheapest and decent benefit will mostly be the choice I will go for but in the end it still depends on what I will need most.

The application that I am building from scratch has to do with video streaming. So instead of self hosting videos, it is better to go for a video hosting service as they are mostly well build. I actually did ask for suggestion in which video hosting is better in Makerlog about 2 months ago. The suggestion given are, BunnyCDN, Wistia, Vimeo, and even on Youtube. Since I need them to be private on just a specific domain, Vimeo is the cheapest with the feature I needed.

Vimeo even has a free plan with a limit of 500MB videos per week. Which may be good enough for many people. For developers, you can even use their API to Create, Upload, Edit, Delete and a lot more functions to do with videos to be used on your own platform. I greatly recommend Vimeo as your video hosting service.

Unless your target audience is from China. Will keep this part as is another topic for another day.

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