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Sep 28, 2019 22:38:15

Visitors and Polish

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We’ve had a few people round before, but yesterday we had our first proper visitors to our home - this is for a meal, hanging out, drinks, snacks, music and games. It was glorious.

One of our long time friends is in a relationship with a lovely Polish lady. We had just been to Poland! Perfect, we’ll embarrass her with our terrible Polish skills.

“Veet-am neesha dom” (Witaj w naszym domu) we said. It means “welcome to our home”.

“Cheh-sh-t” (cześć) is a casual hey.

“Gin-coy-ah” (Dziękuje) is thank you. 

“Presh-um” is sorry, maybe, I think I’ve misremember this one, I always get it wrong. The spelling is insane though: Przepraszam.

of course, as they were leaving we had to say Papa! (Goodbye)

I was taught these by a colleague, but sometimes there is a language barrier in itself - even when learning their language. For example, my colleague is redesigning their website. I constantly ask them how their website is doing! I asked how to say that in Polish and was told: “jak tam strona?” (phonetically match’s the spelling here) which last night I learnt translates to “how is site?” missing the “your”. I should have been saying: “jak tam twoja strona?”.

Twoja is not nicely phonetic, it’s pronounced for-ya.

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