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Jul 31, 2019 08:00:04

W:O:A 2018 Part 2

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Philipp Haidenbauer

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At the Campground

Now, what are you doing two days before the festival starts? Well, you sit down and chat a whole lot. Even if you go to sleep at 4 am, you’re up again at 7 am. At least we were.

But there are also “things” happening around you

The day we arrived, we built our pavilion right beside the T4. As our pavilion wasn’t 100 percent water resistant we had to put a tarpaulin above the whole thing. Since we drove 18 hours I think our brains didn’t work correctly anymore, so we lifted the whole thing before we put the tarpaulin on. Good thing our neighbour was two heads taller than one of us, so he helped us.

Later the same day I smelled some weed somewhere around us. No, we didn’t smoke some ourselves and we also didn’t check out where the smell was coming from. (Oh, and before you ask, I know how weed is smelling, as I work as a paramedic sometimes.)

A few days later some really strange thing happened in the middle of the night. Christopher was already sleeping and snoring like an old walrus. Great, good thing we had earbuds with us. Anyway, out of nowhere, I saw a shadow in one of the edges of the pavilion. The only thing I could notice was that he or she had a cowboy hat on. I didn’t see the person, only the shadow, but boy was I sure she or he was staring at our place. The next thing what happened was that the person got closer to our night’s lodging. And I mean really close.

After a few minutes or hours of sweating like a pig (does the metaphor exist in English?), the person turned again and walked away. I’m still curious what his or her thoughts were.

Until tomorrow!

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