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Aug 01, 2019 08:00:03

W:O:A 2018 Part 3

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Neighbours and festival visitors

One thing I noticed the whole time is the friendliness of the people at this festival. Yes, there are drunk people but I didn’t see anything inappropriate the whole week.

No vandalism.

Even families with their kids were there and they were treated very respectfully. Everybody was treated respectfully. And I think that’s a great statement, against almost all not-respectful. And if eighty thousand people can be respectful to each other, it should be possible everywhere!


Let’s get to next part. Bands and Stages. Wacken has three main stages. Faster, Harder and Louder. Faster and Harder right next to each other (only one of them is always in use) and Louder a bit further away. Normally Faster and Louder are in use at the same time as they are far enough away from each other so they don’t interfere.

There is also the Metal Church, which is according to my knowledge, only played once at. In 2018 it was Doro who played there. And yes, it’s a real church. The church of the village. Interestingly enough there was also a religious service right before Doro’s concert. I think nobody knew about that. Well, at least we didn’t. I am not really religious, but from time to time it's interesting. :)

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