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Jul 28, 2019 08:00:05

W:O:A - or scheduled Posts

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Philipp Haidenbauer

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Hello curious reader, this post was written more than a month ago. Today I will be heading towards Wacken. A small Village in northern Germany.

By northern, I mean really far northern. I will be driving with my best friend, my father, and my brother. We have about 1200 kilometres ahead of us and I won't be able to write and publish on the same day, as the internet will be pretty crappy up there.

Not because of the bad grid development, but because there will be around 80000 (yes eighty thousand) heavy metal fans on a cramped space.

But, I am prepared. By the time this article goes live I should have enough articles for the whole time we are staying there. I won't break the streak unless baz breaks something on the scheduling feature. :)

As soon as I will be back, I going to write and publish on the same day again. And I am probably going to have a bunch of stories to tell by then.

Also, I probably won't be able to answer comments throughout the next days, sorry in advance. I will try my best to answer everything that arrives right after this heavy metal holiday. :)

So, stay with me and enjoy this preplanned journey! 

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