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Dec 22, 2018 16:02:53

Waiting for Godot

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Everyone is waiting for something in their life, but just by waiting, nothing would happen.

Nothing happens by just waiting, going through the process is actually something that will get you closer to your goal.

The same goes with finding a job, writing daily, finding a partner in your life etc.

We as humankind are weird because many of us say "Aaah I'm waiting for the perfect moment to do that", but what happens if the right moment never comes because you never did anything for that moment to come.

So today i remembered a book i read in high-school called Waiting for Godot, many of you know it (probably) and i was like... Hmm, that's why some stuff happens to you.

Like i am waiting for the perfect opportunity for something to happen to me and it actually never happens. For instance, waiting for the perfect opportunity to travel, like booking everything in advance, have the money in you and off you go.

But in order for the whole experience of traveling to be perfect, you should try to have as much spontaneous stuff happening to you in order for that travel experience to be as memorable as possible.

The same goes for everything in life, i should start being as spontaneous as possible because maybe that's why i'm not enjoying my life as i was in the past.

Nowadays everything is like, i wake up, eat, drink coffee, work and i go to bed. Over and over again for the past 7 months...

I kind of like lost my creativity and the freedom that i had, and for fuck sake, nothing interesting is happening in my life. I am doing everything like a routine not for enjoyment... maybe i need some rest i don't know...

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