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Oct 12, 2019 23:05:53

Waiting for the sun to fall

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I stood leaning against that brick wall wearing a hoodie and tan colored jeans, while hoping the sun to go down. But after 20 minutes, I had to just admit that me waiting for nightfall wasn't going to make it arrive any sooner. 

I gave up and walked a couple streets down to the Hipster Caravan Cafe, but couldn't let myself in. Something inside felt uneasy. Part of it had to do with the time and lighting -- I'd never come here at this time before -- but there was something else I couldn't point my finger at. My hand finally let go of the gold stainless steel handle and I continued walking around more.

The sounds and smells of a social evening were increasing in volume. Clinking sounds of glass and flowing beer. I could smell the salty grease of burgers in the air. It made me wish I was hungry, but I didn't have an appetite. I smoked a cigarette instead. Some guy asked to bum one off me and I let him.

I walked away from all the social happenings. Arrived at a little park right off a busy road. Besides homeless people and high schoolers there weren't many people here. I sat at a chair and stared blankly at the roads. I imagined everyone either rushing home or to their dinner. I thought about what Lizzy was doing. 

That's all I thought about while continuing to stare at the road, hoping for the sky to turn dark faster. The traffic was thinning out. More homeless people were congregating in the park. I finally got a text from Lizzy saying that her roommate would be gone by 9. That was three hours away. I thought of what I could do. I wished I was 21 so I could just grab a drink. Grab a drink downtown, and time magically moves very fast. The next best thing to do was catch a movie. But there were no regular movie theaters around. Only performance theaters that they catered to educated or bourgeois people. I hated this part of the city. 

Eventually I ended up going back to the Hipster Caravan Cafe anyway. I sat down with a Rooibus tea and tried not thinking of how much time remained. I read through some of my texts and looked around, pretending not to be angsty. and then through the front door came a person from my high school. She was ordering something so she didn't notice me. I pretended not to notice, but couldn't help listening. 

After she and the barista chatted a bit she walked by and did a double take and then approached me. I stood up to give her a hug.  

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