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Aug 05, 2019 08:00:06

Wake up

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Philipp Haidenbauer

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"Mister Johnson, wake up!", a strange voice appeared above my head.
"What?", I think I didn't say the words out loud, it was just my mind starting to free up.
"Take your time, you have been asleep for quite a while".
What is happening, where am I? Why do my eyes feel so heavy? I will have to try again and make at least a noise. "Hello?", nothing more than a whisper comes out of my mouth.
"Good morning Mister Johnson, take your time to wake up, slowly and steady."
I can't open my eyes. Who is talking to me? Why does the voice sound so robotic?
I can feel how I am drifting back to sleep. A sudden urge that I am falling.
Shocked, my eyes suddenly open in a rush. I have to immediately close them again. It's bright, really bright and I still don't know where I am.
But wait, who am I anyway? The question burns into my mind. Mister Johnson. Is that me?
I try to open my eye again. Slowly but steadily, just like the robotic voice told.
Finally, I am able to open my eyes. I'm in a bedroom or is it a hospital?

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